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Cost Savings on Shipping go to the Bottom Line

When discussing OmniShip many people get focused on the variety of shipping methods that can be used. Or they focus on dynamic pricing for shipping based upon the actual items in the cart, where it is going, and how fast it is desired to arrive.

Those are all great. But what we often find is that many merchants will leave their shipping methods offered to the client in the same way that they were prior to using OmniShip. Same methods, same prices, same free shipping options.

By becoming part of the OmniShip family, our merchants get the best pricing available to them. They get the power of their volume, the volume of the others in the program, and the expertise of decades in the shipping industry to get them the very best value for their shipments.

We have seen cost saving that can equate to Millions of dollars per year. Regardless of if your shipping account is massive or just starting out, those costs savings will go directly to your bottom line and will increase your efficiency from day one.

We are happy to do a comprehensive analysis of your shipping history at no cost to you. We can show you optimal approaches and how you can save money while speeding your deliveries.

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