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Commerce On Demand

Influence Demand Sales with a Turn of a Dial


OmniShip's Commerce-on-Demand feature provides a proprietary technology that allows Merchants the ability to increase Demand Sales in a matter of minutes.

This technology requires fully executed Non-Disclosure Agreements before full disclosure.  This opens additional markets, methods of increasing demand, pushes out slow inventory, and improves the lift of any Ecommerce Manager.

This service is low cost and requires no further integrations beyond a standard OmniShip integration.

Managers have full control to change the level of market penetration, demand of their products, and excitement through simple controls fully at their discretion.




OmniShip's Commerce-on-Demand feature causes your products to be made available on multiple platforms, in multiple countries, in multiple currencies without additional integrations or efforts.

Even beyond the Cross Border offering, your market-reach is expanded exponentially.  Our advanced automation gets your products in front of customers that would not have previously had access to purchase from your company..

Fulfillment occurs via your standard OMS integration and shipping occurs via OmniShip's shipping process.

No pain.  Only gain of marketshare.


Transport Logic as your Logistics and Strategic Partner

Transport logic has created the OmniShip ecosystem which allows for a simple integration to your Ecommerce site.

Once installed you can choose the features, the market approaches, the desired locales, and the market strategies.

Transport Logic takes a consultative approach to tuning your site so that together we can squeeze out every bit of efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.


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See what we can do for you today.

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